Pet Home Visits

Holidays, business trips or visits to friends and family often mean having to leave your pet behind. We can arrange to visit your home to give your pet the care and attention it needs in the familiar comfort of your own home. Cats in particular often get distressed by travelling and can take a long time to settle in new surroundings with unfamiliar sounds and smells. Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, the whole range of small furry creatures, fish and birds can be cared for when you are away.

We will visit at times agreed with you to feed your pet, refill water bowls, clean out litter trays and administer regular medication if required. If your pet is in a playful mood it will get plenty of play and cuddles during the visit. While visiting, we can open/close curtains, water plants, turn lights on/off and bring in the mail or papers to make it less obvious you are away.

We will meet with you before you go away to discuss what you require and to learn about your pet’s routine and habits. Home visits may be once or twice a day depending on you and your pet’s needs.