Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the initial consultation visit?

This will be a chance for us to meet you and your pet, discuss your needs and the services required. We will collect information on your pet, any behaviour we need to know about, security details and details of emergency contacts including your veterinary practice. We will collect a set of keys.

We will bring our insurance details and Disclosure Scotland certificate. An initial invoice may be issued depending on when the service is planned to start. This consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What security measures do you have?

Your key will be kept secure and away from personal information and will not be tagged with your address. In the unlikely event of your key being lost or stolen we will advise you immediately. Any personal information held by Pet a Doodle Doo never be passed, sold or discussed with any 3rd parties.

What do you do with my key?

Pet a Doodle Doo can either retain your house keys on file for future visits or they can be returned to you after your return home. This will be discussed during the initial consultation. Any keys held on file will be returned on request.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog?

If we find a problem within a group we will inform you and where possible move dogs between groups. We want all of our dogs to enjoy their walk.

What happens in bad weather?

We get wet!! We will clean and dry your dog off as much as possible. We do ask that you leave out a towel out for a final rub down. In extreme weather the normal walk may not be suitable but we will do our best to make sure your dog gets out for a walk even if it is for a shorter time than normal. We will let you know if we have not managed the planned walk.

Do you cater for all dog breeds?

We take each dog on its own merits and not on reputation of particular breeds. We meet all dogs before we walk them during the initial consultation. Any instances of aggressive behaviour will be investigated and we reserve the right to refuse to walk any dog.

What if I need to cancel a walk?

To cancel one walk please call as soon as possible giving a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. If 48 hours’ notice is not given the walk will be charged at the full rate. If you wish to cancel a regular service, we require a minimum of four weeks’ notice. If you are going on holiday and will not require walks for a period, four weeks’ notice is also required but please let us know as soon as possible.

What do will happen in case of emergency?

We call you as soon as possible to discuss the situation and to sort out the best plan of action. If you or any alternative contact cannot be reached and medical attention is required we will take your pet to the vet designated by you or the nearest to our current location. You will be liable for any cost of treatment for any injuries. We recommend that dogs are insured to cover any incidents.

I only require occasional walks for my dog, not every week or every day, can you help?

We are happy to provide services as and when you require, assuming we have diary availability. We will discuss this during the initial consultation. We recommend that you give as much notice as possible.

How do we pay for Walks or Visits?

Initially payment is required in advance for walks and visits. For established clients with regular walks and pet visits invoices will be issued fortnightly or at the end of a period of visits. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque or through online banking.

Will you stay overnight in my house (house sit)?

No. we do not offer this service.

Do you take bitches in season?

No. We will not take a bitch that is in season

Do I need to provide poo bags?

No. Pet a Doodle Doo will supply these and always clean up after your dog.

Do you charge VAT?

No. We are not VAT registered and do not charge VAT.