Dog Walking

Regardless of the age or fitness level of your dog, Pet a Doodle Doo offers small Group Walks, Individual Walks or Home Visits tailored to suit your dog’s specific needs.

We use a number of different areas within Edinburgh to give your dog a variety of experiences, typical locations for both the Group Walks and Individual Walks are Blackford Hill, Braid Hills, Craiglockhart Hill, the Hermitage of Braid and Water of Leith walkway.

Travel time is not included in the allocated time of the walk, so time starts when the walk does, maximising the time spent with your dog. Travel to and from your house will be in an air conditioned vehicle.

Your dog will be towelled dry if required before returning to your home but we would appreciate if a towel could be left out at home for a final rub down if necessary. We will settle your dog back home and check that water is available before leaving.

With your permission treats maybe given during the walks, this will be discussed at the initial consultation meeting. During the meeting we will also discuss any special requirements your pet may have including any health or medication issues that I need to be aware of. All dogs are required to have up to date vaccinations, worm and flea treatments.

Initially dogs will be walked on lead until I am confident that we have bonded and can assess their recall response. With your permission dogs may then be walked off the lead in suitable areas.

1 Hour Group Walk will be with no more than 6 dogs but usually fewer as I want to ensure each dog has as much individual attention as they require. Your dog also benefits from being in its natural pack environment where it can have fun and younger dogs can learn positive behaviour from others. To ensure the dogs on a group walk have a good experience all the dogs must have a suitable temperament, this will be discussed during the initial consultation meeting. Unneutered dogs will not be accepted for group walks.

Individual Walks will be tailored to suit the needs of your dog. These walks will normally be 1 hour but for older or less active dogs 30 minutes can be more appropriate. We may consider unneutered dogs for individual walks subject to their behaviour; this will be discussed during the initial consultation meeting and after the first walk.

Puppy Pop In/Senior Friend Walk or Play Visits for young puppies or more senior dogs, we can visit your home and let them out in the garden or take them on a local walk, have a good session of fetch or play and generally make a fuss over them. For puppies in particular giving them company and stimulation during the day can often avoid disruptive and anti-social behaviour. These visits will normally last 30 minutes, your requirements will be discussed during the initial consultation meeting.