About Us

Our aim at Pet a Doodle Doo is to provide the same personal attention, love and care to your pet as you would give. We will ensure that all your pet’s requirements are taken care of while looking after them.

Your pet is part of your family and can be your ‘best friend’, and it is important for both owner and pet to be happy. Whether due to busy lifestyle, work commitments, going on holiday or other stays away from home you may not always be able to give your pet the attention you know is required.

We believe that your pet is best cared for in its home environment and that a regular routine can help prevent negative and destructive behaviour. We will ensure that the needs of your pet come first, feeding, playing, socialising and exercising are all important roles in keeping your pet healthy and happy. We offer dog walking on an individual and group basis, and pet visits at your home.

We are based in south Edinburgh and cover the following areas: Blackford, Buckstone, Bruntsfield, Colinton, Comiston, Craiglockhart, Grange, Greenbank, Marchmont, Merchiston and Morningside.

I have public liability insurance, am registered dog walker with City of Edinburgh Council and have Disclosure Scotland Certification.